Mirdif Hills, Dubai

  • Date 2011–Ongoing
  • Budget TBC
  • Client DIRC
  • Area 3.5 million ft2

JDA was commissioned to work with local Dubai architects A2Z to design and formulate a masterplan for a site in the west of Dubai city, near the international airport. JDA is responsible for the concept and design brief, while A2Z is responsible for municipal consents and the technical brief. The completed masterplan is 4 million ft2 of new development and local community regeneration. Planning consent has been granted by Dubai Municipality. Residential apartments and duplexes facing the parkland to the east comprise 70 per cent of the development.

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The central zone of the plan includes a piazza surrounded by shops and restaurants and a hotel with serviced apartments. The site runs east to west and can be accessed from numerous directions by pedestrian ways running through gardens, courtyards and climate controlled zones. Parking facilities and utilities will be situated in basement areas. For the Mirdif Project, JDA has designed a modern, sustainable development with local influences taken from the traditional architectures of the United Arab Emirates. It will include a mosque, medical centres and nurseries. This gated community will provide all the facilities needed to live comfortably in the environment and climate.

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