Eco Stadium Competition Design

JDA put together a sketch proposal for a new eco stadium for the Forest Green Rovers Football Club, a competition run in conjunction with Ecotricity.

JDA’s principle logic dictating the design of the proposed stadium was the need to provide a structure which performs efficiently with correct orientation to the sun and prevailing wind.

The principle structural members are located on the corners of the pitch which are oriented on the four main points of the compass.  Each of these corners has a different angle, height and roof overhang with the structure transitioning between these four points as you move around the compass thus providing the correct conditions for the stands below them.

The skin of the stadium shifts in shape to respond to the angles of the sun at different times of the year to provide adequate shading in summer while allowing some winter sun to penetrate the stands.  It also allows for the correct positioning of Photovoltaic panels at the correct orientation.  The skin is also designed to provide maximum shelter from the prevailing wind and also to maximise passive ventilation when required.

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