Eaton Square Development

JDA were asked to propose a scheme that would consolidate the space between a grand six-floor listed mansion in London’s Belgravia and the mews house behind the property. The final proposal covers the winter garden with a structurally glazed faceted roof.

Central to the design is the ability to be elegant in form and light and efficient in detail. The folded plate geometry of the roof is devised on the largest glazing sizes possible to achieve the required spans without the requirement for heavy supporting structure beneath.

The triangulated shape of the roof is raised up above the height of the existing roof and is constrained by the height of the existing parapet. The crystalline geometry allows for the play of light and shadow. The transparent faceted form provides animation to the space. We have proposed glass to glass connection details between the panes to maximise the extent of the glazing and provide a seamless transition over the proposed roof light.

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